How does it work?

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Written Synopsis

Publishers Fill the Digital Warehouse

Big and small publishers have signed up to be on our platform. They fill our digital warehouse with all kinds of digital course materials including eBooks, access codes, public domain content, faculty authored materials, and open educational resources. Publishers are able to set all the Digital Rights Management settings, cover image and more.

Booksellers Adopt Content to Meet Faculty Needs

Booksellers on our platform are then able to adopt products from the digital warehouse to make them available for sale. If the product the bookseller is looking for isn’t available immediately, they can use our system to reach out to that publisher to add the content. All the content is available on demand.

We Deliver the Content from Publishers to Booksellers

We connect the dots between all the publishers and booksellers on our system to ensure they can achieve more by working together. We also power all the technology behind the scenes so that both Booksellers and Publishers can provide the content they need to their customers.

Students Buy the Digital Content In-Store and Online

When the booksellers have the products they need it’s time to get those products to their students. Our system makes that possible by enabling booksellers to sell digital course materials online and in-store. In both cases, we never feature our brand. It’s all about your bookseller’s brand, either on your site or on your in-store shelf cards.

We Assist with Customer Support Alongside your Team

We get that digital content is relatively new and can be fairly complex. That’s why our industry leading support team is here to help you, your staff, and your students. We work with publisher and bookseller support teams to provide comprehensive customer service.

Your Students Achieve Better Learning Outcomes

The end result is that booksellers and publishers get even better at digital and provide more value to students. Those same students can enjoy the better learning outcomes of digital and have the peace of mind knowing that all the organizations involved excel at digital products.

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