Our Principles

We're founded on five of important principles which guide our day-to-day business operations. Our principles reflect our genuine interest in student success by helping booksellers and publishers of all sizes succeed at producing, distributing and selling digital course materials.

Industry Owned

The Platform will be made available for use and be controlled by retailers. It shall not be controlled by software vendors, publishers, wholesalers, or other book vendors.

Small Store

The model used for the use and distribution of the Platform must be scalable with the ability to enable digital distribution for the broadest range of college stores.

Level Playing

The business model rules will support content sales and marketing practices that offer favourable or emphasized terms for university presses and other smaller publishers.


The business model rules and practices used in concert with the Platform must reflect the academic nature and timings of the collegiate retail marketplace.


The Platform must support the capacity for inclusion and distribution of faculty-authored content as well as commercially-available materials.

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