We are committed to publishers of all shapes and sizes. Whether you have one or a thousand titles, our system is built with your interests in mind.

Save Money

Say goodbye to ridiculous unit fees (sometimes as high $5.00 a unit). With our billing models starting at just $1 per unit, billing your customers is easy. Plus you save significantly on distribution costs.

Make Money

Make big-time sales using the in-store shelf cards produced by our system and printed by our partner bookstores to sell your product. Not enough for you? Well how about they're also theft-proof?

Save Time

On our system you can load your products easily and effectively without messing around with spreadsheets. You can also stay up to date with real time inventory alerts and automated inventory fulfillment.

Reach Broadly

Partnering with us means you’re partnering with some of the biggest booksellers in North America. Get access to that network and only pay when someone sells your product. What do you have to lose?

What Steps are Involved?

Train Staff

The first step in making this happen is training your staff on how to use our intuitive and simple interface. As you may have guessed, they’ll pick it up pretty fast.

Load Products

After your team is trained, it’s a matter of loading your products into our system. You can either bulk load or input them one by one if you’re a “details” person.

Support Booksellers

Then it’s simply a question of letting our partners know your products are ready for adoption. We’ll help you with this too; we’ll be sure that your products are available.