We’re here to serve you. That means we want you to have the best price, experience, and learning outcomes possible with digital course materials.

Better Grades

Digital course materials are proven to help you achieve better grades. While you still have all the perks of a regular textbook, you can simply do more with digital. Looking for a specific passage? Search the digital course material in seconds.

More Savings

School can be expensive. Thankfully most digital products are the affordable option. Don’t carry around an expensive and heavy textbook; carry your more affordable digital products on your iPad. Save money (and your back).

Total Support

Let’s be honest, we’re all a bit intimidated by new technology. That’s why our support team is here to guide you (and your bookstore) through any technical issues you may have when trying to access your digital products.

Where do I Shop for my Digital Course Materials?

Shop In-Store at Your Bookstore

Go shop with the experts at your local bookstore. Pick up your digital products in-store and make sure you have the right course materials. All digital products are available on in-store shelf cards. Like us, the friendly bookstore staff know what they’re talking about and want to help.

Shop Online at Your Bookstore

Don’t feel like leaving the couch? No big deal. Go online to your campus bookstore’s website and order the digital course materials you need. Like the in-store experience, they’ve got it all organised for you. Instant fulfillment, instant gratification.