School Administrators

We are the most affordable and effective choice for your students. Get the facts on why choosing us to distribute digital products on your campus is the best solution for your institution.

We’re Different -
In a Good Way

We get it - choosing a provider to distribute digital course materials on your campus is a difficult decision which comes with many potential vendors and philosophies. As an administrator at your institution, your options vary significantly; from working through the bookstore, to your Learning Management System, or to massive online only retailers, you stand at an exciting crossroads in the future of learning.

So why do we think we’re the best for you? For starters, we’re owned by the industry. That means we do a few things that other providers simply can’t do: we make our system incredibly affordable so as to not hinder your bookstore’s operations, we create a level playing field for publishers so that all the content is available, and we have a vested interest in the best learning outcomes for your students. At the end of the day, who are you going to trust more – the organization who’s looking to profit off of your students as much as possible or the one who is looking to provide a service to the industry?

We work directly with your campus bookstore and make it possible (and exceptionally affordable) for them to sell digital content in-store (with customizable shelf cards) and online (on their own website). It’s all about your brand – not ours. We can have your school selling digital in 2 weeks. We then support your staff and students so they can get the digital products they want when they need them. It’s an easy decision; work with us and let your students reap the rewards.

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