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Law of Contracts, 3/e

Law of Contracts, 3/e
Author: John D. McCamus
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ISBN-10: 1552215547
ISBN-13: 9781552215548
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The Law of Contracts, third edition, is a thorough revision of this authoritative text in Irwin Law’s Essentials of Canadian Law series. It includes discussion of recent jurisprudential developments in a variety of topics, including: - the impact of the ground-breaking decision in Bhasin v Hrynew on articulating the general organizing principle requiring good-faith performance - the effect of the decision of the Supreme Court of Canada in Canada (Attorney General) v Fairmont Hotels Inc on the law of rectification for mistake - the continuing development of the Canadian jurisprudence applying the Tercon rule to the enforceability of exculpatory clauses - the impact of Uber Technologies Inc v Heller and Douez v Facebook, Inc on the doctrine of unconscionability the potential influence of Southcott Estates Inc v Toronto District Catholic School Board on the law of mitigation and of specific performance The book also incorporates reference to recent Canadian cases on doctrines such as estoppel, privity, interpretation, and appellate review, and discussion of recent leading authorities dealing with such matters as contractual interpretation and the application of the basic principles of formation to e-commerce. The Law of Contracts is an indispensible resource for anyone interested in modern Canadian contract law.