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Camouflaged Aggression in Organizations

Camouflaged Aggression in Organizations
Author: Alexander Abdennur
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ISBN-10: 1772125296
ISBN-13: 9781772125290
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In Camouflaged Aggression in Organizations, Alexander Abdennur unveils his theory of two modes of aggression in organizations: confrontational and camouflaged. Focusing on camouflaged aggression, he describes patterns of behaviour and shows how these intersect with personality and sociocultural factors. He defines the effects of non-confrontational aggression in terms of organizational and mental health. In discussing prevention and control of this harmful behaviour, Abdennur recommends a cognitive approach to manage workplace hostility in businesses, the public sector, and not-for-profit organizations. Professionals, professors, and students of psychology, organizational behaviour, and criminology will find this a necessary and insightful resource.