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Gospel Drunk

Gospel Drunk
Author: Aidan Chafe
Price: $19.99
ISBN-10: 1772125679
ISBN-13: 9781772125672
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Gospel Drunk follows a speaker’s journey to find clarity and identity as he contemplates his Catholic upbringing and struggles with loneliness and alcohol addiction. Sharp, intoxicating imagery and a minimalist aesthetic combine in these poems to explore some of our darkest and strongest belief systems, dismantling them with wit and wisdom. Poignant boyhood memories of hockey coaches as “dragons in suits” collide with critiques of “the broken bicycle of recovery.” A child’s fingers interlace to form a gun during mass and Hulk attends an AA meeting. Boldly honest, Gospel Drunk is for all who seek humanity in a world where the personal and the political are equally complicated. 

He drops a match on his wound to set fire
to his blood. At a certain temperature even
the Devil cools.  
-from “Drowning Man Sonnets”