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There Are Not Enough Sad Songs

There Are Not Enough Sad Songs
Author: Marita Dachsel
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ISBN-10: 1772124621
ISBN-13: 9781772124620
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There is beauty 

in the teacup

like dresses 

requiring crinoline 

or beaded purses 

too small to carry 

anything but anger.

 — from “Inheritance”  

Marita Dachsel’s third poetry collection explores parenthood, love, and the grief of losing those both close and distant. In the tradition of Karen Solie and Suzanne Buffam, and with a touch of Canadian Gothic, Dachsel’s poetic skills unfold in a variety of brief and expansive forms. Authentic and controlled, full of complexity and disorder, her poems offer release despite their painful twists and topics. Readers across generations will find kinship in Dachsel’s grief-fuelled and vulnerable words.